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Receive Payments and monitor transactions in
your business with ease all in one platform.

Receive payments with jiggle

Jiggle vs Other Merchant Service Providers


Track sales.

No hidden charges.

Complete transactions in few seconds.


Faulty POS

Network failure.

Delay in reconciling failed transactions.


Network failure.

Can't track sales

Delay in receiving alerts.


Look what we’ve got you, easy budgeting and payment like never before. Take a peep!

Receive Payments

Receive Payments and monitor transactions in your business with ease all in one platform.

sample jiggle wallet view
sample jiggle wallet view

Flexible Payouts

Our flexible payouts are tailored to meet your needs. Get all your funds transferred to your bank account at your greatest convenience; daily, weekly or monthly.

Multi Outlets

Monitor and collate all the financial transactions of all your business outlets.

sample jiggle wallet view
sample jiggle wallet view

Employee Invite

Invite employees to confirm payments made at your respective business outlets

How It Works

Follow these few steps and you are on your way to process payments with ease!

Register for free

Request to become a Jiggle merchant by filling the form on the Jiggle website. You will be contacted by a Jiggle agent to complete the process.

Add bank information

Provide your bank details for easy payments.

Get verfied

A verification link will be sent to your email. Click on it to be verified as a Jiggle Merchant.


Download the Jiggle Merchant app from google play store.


Log in to your account with your registered email address and password.

Receive payment

Receive push notifications whenever clients make payments to you.

ios coming soon


Jiggle is an app I use to make easy push payments anywhere and anytime, so I don’t have to worry about cash when paying for my lunch.

Ufakobong solomon

Ufakobong King Solomon

I was skeptical about using the app at first, but I gave it a try and Jiggle helped me budget and plan for my meal for the entire month.

Obong hanson

Obong Hanson

Jiggle is one of the most easy and awesome payment application I have used recently. The user interface is simple and wonderful. I was able to make payment at a click with Jiggle.

Alfred lazarus

Alfred Lazarus