About Us

Jiggle is a fun and innovative way to make and receive instant payments anywhere.

Jiggle app screens

Who We Are

Jiggle was born out of the desire to use technology to solve local problems that are scalable globally. Our web and mobile platforms provide the fast, reliable and affordable way to make or receive payments anywhere. Our goal is to leverage available mobile devices to simplify payments and contributing to the advances of financial inclusion in Africa. Jiggle merchants benefit by using our product to grow their businesses, reduce queues, monitor daily sales across multiple business outlets directly on the app.

Our Journey

Our desire to use technology to solve problems and the idea to build Jiggle birthed at the Startups Business Model Workshop held at Start Innovation Hub, Uyo in May 2017. The team started the project bootstrapping and in September 2017, we took the first runner up position at the USPF Change Makers Challenge 2017. We progressed to incorporate Jiggle Global Services Limited in July 2018 then launched version 1.0 of our android app on 13th November, 2019. We have since evolved beyond meal budgeting to provide contactless payment option for merchants sacross mobile devices in Nigeria.

Join us in building the future of Payment.

Do you think you have the potential to make the world a better place? Join our team of amazing talents to make payments less of an issue.